A hot favourite at summer picnics and BBQs, there's more than just mixing yoghurt and cucumber when it comes to making the perfect Greek Tzatziki. To achieve the fresh, zingy, flavour of a traditional Tzatziki, an authentic Greek yoghurt is needed. That's where our Kalo Yoghurt comes in - paired with cucumber, lemon and lashings of garlic, this recipe is sure to become a staple in your household.

15 min



Drain excess liquid from Kaló yoghurt in a muslin cloth and drain for a few hours. By draining the excess liquid it makes the yoghurt a thicker consistency.

Remove yoghurt from fabric and place in a bowl. Add cucumber, olive oil, vinegar, salt and garlic and mix.TIP:  Vinegar, salt and garlic are to taste. The garlic flavour will intensify over time.

If you are pressed for time, you can skip straining the excess liquid from the yoghurt as Kaló is thick and creamy. However, traditionally Tzatziki is of a very thick consistency.

Serve Tzatziki as a side with lamb or any other meat, with Greek salad, or as a spread with bread, pita bread, crackers etc.