Meadow Fresh Kalo Raspberry Yoghurt Layer Cake

A festive treat that's hard to beat! Refreshing, cooling and perfect for a summers afternoon.

60 min


Pink Raspberry Layer


Grease a loaf tin (approximately 23cm-12cm) with a little butter. Line with baking paper, (try to keep this as flat and crease-free as possible), leaving a slight overhang to pull the terrine out with once frozen. 

Raspberry Layer: combine all ingredients in a food processor or blend and process until smooth. Pour half the mixture into the base of the prepared loaf tin. Spread out evenly and freeze for 15 minutes. Transfer remaining mixture to a jug or bowl. 

Original Layer: Rinse out the food processor or blender. Add yoghurt, banana condensed milk and process or blend until smooth. Pour half of the mixture onto the first layer, spread out evenly and gently press in half of the raspberries. Freeze for 15 minutes. 

Use the remaining mixture and raspberries to form two more layers (raspberry first, then original), freezing for 15 minutes in between. 

Terrine can be removed from the tin, sliced and served as soon as the top layer is hard. If left in the freezer for longer, allow to sit at room temperature for 10 minutes before slicing and serving.