Sweet Sharing Plate

A mouth-watering dessert doesn’t need to take hours to prepare: sometimes the simplest ideas are some of the best. Whip up a stylish dessert platter in minutes by arranging slices or pieces of your favourite fruit – berries, melon, bananas, pineapple or more – and some freshly baked white or dark chocolate brownie around a creamy scoop of Meadow Fresh Crème Fraiche, mixed to smooth velvety perfection. Drizzled with honey as a final touch, this delicious combination of sweet, rich goodness will taste as good as it looks.



  • 250g Meadow Fresh Crème Fraiche (or use left over from another recipe)
  • Honey for drizzling
  • Chocolate brownie (homemade or a bought one will do)
  • Slices or whole pieces of seasonal fruit


  1. Mix 250g Meadow Fresh Crème Fraiche until it is smooth.

  2. Dollop onto a serving plate and drizzle with your favourite honey.

  3. Surround with small pieces of chocolate brownie and slices or whole pieces of seasonal fruit.

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