Meadow Fresh Chocolate Fish Milkshake recipe

Choccy Fish Easter Milkshake

Have you ever tried a milkshake in an Easter Egg?  This Choccy Fish milkshake will amaze the kids this Easter.  We partnered with Master Milkshakes who make syrups using only the best ingredients and without any preservatives - the perfect partner for our less processed milk.  Making this milkshake creation both naughty and nice.


  • 2 large chocolate Easter Eggs (hollow)
  • 6-8 scoops of vanilla ice-cream
  • 500ml Meadow Fresh Original Milk
  • 60ml Master Milkshakes Choccy Fish Syrup
  • Optional: Mini chocolate fish and straws


  1. Put your chocolate Easter egg into a cup or small bowl to stabilise it.

  2. Grab a spoon and tap the top of the egg to crack the chocolate, and pull off the top few centimetres to create a hole in which you’ll pour the milkshake.

  3. Now your cup is ready. Place the ice-cream, Meadow Fresh milk, and Choccy Fish syrup into a blender and blitz for 1 minute or until smooth.

  4. Pour your milkshake into the two Easter egg cups and enjoy. 

  5. Serve your milkshakes with mini chocolate fish straws to up the cute factor.

  6. Simply push mini chocolate fish onto your straw.

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