Our milk is permeate free. 
So it's less processed, with more goodness.

A lot of milk brands add something called permeate to their milk. This standardises the protein and calcium levels. At Meadow Fresh, we choose not to add permeate to our milk. The result is naturally higher levels of protein and calcium*, and a richer, creamier taste.

Permeate Free

Typically fresh-milk companies standardise the protein levels. And they do this by using permeate in some milk types, ensuring your milk tastes the same year round. Our new Meadow Fresh fresh white milk is now permeate free.




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Less Processed

We have taken one step out of the milk process, so it actually retains a higher level of the naturally present protein and calcium and that helps give it the full milk taste, without higher fat levels.




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More Goodness

Our permeate free milk typically contains higher levels of naturally present protein and calcium. In fact, throughout the year we will have on average 25% more protein in our Meadow Fresh Original milk than the minimum required levels.



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New Bottle

Our new bottle not only looks great (new jug-like shape) but it has been designed to fit in with everyone's lifestyle; easily fitting in your fridge and although our new bottle is semi opaque, you can still see the milk level inside, plus we have added a handy measuring guide for convenience while still being easy pour and easy to pick up and carry.

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*25% more protein than minimum standards, averaged annually'