Kathy Burrows - Our Volunteer of the Month!

When Kathy Burrows’ six-year-old daughter started basketball at Somerfield School six years ago, she didn’t bat an eyelid before putting her hand up to coach the team. A long-standing passion for basketball plus her daughter Lily’s first year in the sport meant being involved was a given. Fast-forward to now and the Cantabrian has between 60-100 kids under her wing every term, all year round – a position she didn’t expect to be in, but loves nonetheless.

As you can imagine, a commitment like this means Kathy is required to volunteer a significant amount of her time. For trainings, this includes hours before school four or five times a week plus three nights a week for games. Despite the massive time commitment, Kathy says she wouldn’t have it any other way. “The most rewarding thing is seeing their love for the sport develop and seeing their skills and teamwork grow.”

Kathy’s love of basketball has been a lifelong affair. She started playing as a child and grew through the ranks until an unfortunate back injury at 30 put a stop to her playing. She says that’s part of the reason she’s so passionate about seeing kids involved. “Since I can’t play anymore, it gives me a real buzz to pass on my knowledge and share my love for basketball with the kids.”

When it comes to her coaching style, Kathy encourages the kids to not only celebrate being part of a team, but the small individual wins that come with playing basketball, too. Whether it’s scoring more points than the previous game, nailing a layup or consistently improving their dribbling, Kathy sets small goals for the players each game to instil a sense of achievement and to help them track their progress.  Her player of the day receives a trophy and she’ll also shout them a hot chocolate (what a champ!).

“I think an active child learns better, so sport plays a really big part in that,” she says. “Whenever they get down on themselves or feel like they can’t do it I tell them we live in CANterbury, not CAN’Terbury.”

Although she admits giving so much of her time can be tiring, Kathy shows no signs of slowing down in the near future. “It keeps me young. I reckon I’ll be there giving back to these kids until they kick me out.”

Kathy Burrows was our winner of the ultimate Breakers experience including flights, accommodation and court side tickets to the Breakers final game this season.

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