Proudly sponsoring Seacleaners

We are now proud to announce our partnership with Sea Cleaners to help protect our oceans and waterways, fighting marine plastic pollution.

We believe in the power of community and are proud to be able to support partners who share our values and who work tirelessly to make the planet cleaner and healthier.

Through awareness and prevention, sharing scientific knowledge, clean ups and litter picking campaigns, we can all make a difference.

Find more about our sustainability journey here

In January 2021 we moved to 100% renewable electricity for our entire New Zealand operations (factories, offices and depots).

For the last two decades, Sea Cleaners have been helping to clean up New Zealand’s beaches and waterways. They’ve collected over 11.7 million litres of loose litter since they started. That’s enough rubbish to fill 380 shipping containers!

Since October 2021 all our 1 & 2L Meadow Fresh milk bottles are now made with 30% recycled plastic. Reducing new plastic production by 250 Tonnes a year!

From 21 Feb 2022, Meadow Fresh will donate *$1 to Sea Cleaners for every bottle Meadow Fresh milk that you buy. Together, we can keep our oceans and waterways thriving for generations to come!

*Promotion runs from 21/02/22 to 31/03/22. Up to a maximum of $50,000

We’re proud to have partnered with Sea Cleaners to help them continue to actively make a difference in our communities. As part of our partnership we’ll not only be helping remove physical rubbish but also educating people how to dispose of their rubbish in more eco-friendly ways



Our Advocates

Captain Hayden

Founding Trustee, Sea Cleaners

“At Sea Cleaners we are passionate about preserving New Zealand's coastlines and it is a privilege to partner with Meadow Fresh who share our values and support our vision for a better future for our oceans."


Head of Sustainability Leadership, Edge Environment

“Meadow Fresh is showing sustainability leadership both in ambition and in action, which places them in a unique position to help all New Zealanders live more sustainably.”