About Us

We're committed to finding new and better ways to bring the best of Dairy to Kiwi families

Our philosophy is pretty simple

Meadow Fresh enables Kiwis to get closer to simple dairy goodness every day. Food should make people happy everyday. We want to help Kiwi families be healthy & happy and for us that means food that does you good and makes you feel good.


Meadow Fresh has been making great dairy products in New Zealand for over 50 years.
But we’re still pretty spritely. Born in the clean, green heart of the South Island.
From humble beginnings, now over 400 people work for us across 2 main dairy sites in NZ; Longburn and Christchurch. It's our people that make us special, we go out of our way to dream big and make it happen.
For us it’s about quality, consistency and for the love of it! You’d have to be passionate about it to take care of over 190 million litres of milk a year to bring you the most fresh, delicious dairy products! Oh and the folks in Asia have been loving our white stuff too! NZ knows how to do dairy best.

Our Community

Milk is the essential ingredient in our recipe for success and we love helping others to achieve their goals.

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New Zealand Food and Nutrition Guidelines recommend at least 2-3 serves of milk and milk products a day for preschoolers and children aged 12 years and under, and at least 3 serves a day for young people aged 13-18 years. In general, 2-3 serves of milk and milk products each day are recommended for most adults.

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Corporate Responsibility

Champions of thriving Kiwi Families means we don't just cheer, we do. We are committed to finding new and better ways to bring the best of Dairy to Kiwi families, helping to improve nutrition and always looking for opportunities to lessen environmental impact.